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last update: September 2014


modern art by Thomas Brill - abstract and figural paintings

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short information:
On this homepage you can see the virtual gallery with works of Thomas Brill.

modern art

The artist has painted ( modern art ) since 1989, living at that time in his home state Saarland before moving to Landau and the Hunsrück and finally settling in Rockenhausen in Rheinland-Pfalz. He occupies himself with painting and modern art by pure self-tuition. He enjoys the use of paintbrush and colours and finds relaxation and tranquillity through painting and creating. He prefers simple opaque paint and creates portraits, figure images, water-colour paintings and abstract pictures.
During the years his style has changed from rather exclusively abstract pictures to various practices of painting bodies, especially women´s bodies, to pictures in which real elements mix with those of fantasy.
Besides this modern art on paper and canvas the artist Thomas Brill also works in the area of decorating walls. There he uses acrylic colours and his projects include wall decorations in swimming baths and public institutions as well as single doors or walls in stores. Besides self-created comic figures based on animals he also offers illusional painting, for example with view on pyramids or far-reaching beaches.

The Artist

Since 1999 the painter has exhibited his modern art - works also on the net and shows his latest projects on a monthly base: at the moment rather the mentioned abstract-real pictures of mixed reality and fantasy. Lately he also worked on web design for small companies, private persons and other artists. He can take advantage of his experience with his own painting productions and photos of the pictures as well as professional scanning and the presentation on the web. Thomas Brill as a webmaster tries hard to keep his commented link list concerning modern art up-to-date. If you know interesting art sites on the net which can be recommended, please get in contact and pass on your information so that your art or the originals of friends can be seen by more people. The webmaster is looking forward to connections with other link partners.
At all feedbacks concerning the virtual gallery of brill-art are more than welcome. Especially if you have ideas and recommendations for an exhibition, please get in contact. There is always interest in rooms and possibilities for exhibitions. Otherwise enjoy the sites of "brill-art: painting and design".